Why Some People Need a Medicaid Lawyer

If you are low-income and you need health insurance that you cannot get at work, then you might qualify for Medicaid. It is for all ages and helps those who once could not afford insurance still be able to afford medical treatment. Even though Medicaid is federal it is each state that administers it so each one will have their own process and eligibility rules. It is not an easy process to go through. Whether you need help with your first application or with being denied help a medicaid lawyer in Ocean County or where you are can help. Let’s explore how.

Why do you need a lawyer to get Medicaid? 

How much Medicaid covers again varies by state but it can cover things like regular one-year check-ups to help with payment for long-term care assistance. Sometimes people are even eligible for help in their own home so they can stay there and get some assistance. A medicaid lawyer in Monmouth County and elsewhere can help work things out because the rules can be very complex. There is also the issue that if you move from one state to another you will no longer have Medicaid coverage and will need to re-apply. A lawyer has the knowledge and experience to deal with intricate system. You are far less likely to have a refusal when you have used a lawyer as long as you meet the requirements. A lawyer can also help with that if it should happen.

Being denied Medicaid

Sometimes even though you know and your medicaid lawyer in Ocean County agrees that you are eligible for Medicaid, you or a loved one can still be denied. It is not always made clear by those who refuse you, why you have been denied. It is stressful when it happens, imagine no longer being able to pay for your elderly parents stay in a care home. If you are already sick, caring for someone or are just stressed in general, then dealing with rejection and reapplication is going to be very hard. Some of the usual reasons Medicaid is refused include;

  • You have not responded to inquiries from them fast enough
  • Your application for Medicaid was not complete
  • The assets and income you have are too much for the state’s guidelines
  • You have waited too long to file
  • The medical information they requested is not detailed enough to prove a need
  • Your doctor has not sent in the information they requested in time or did not use the right code

What can a good lawyer do on your behalf?

A medicaid lawyer in Monmouth County and at other locations can help you better understand the process, and get your information in on time and as detailed as it needs to be. They can also help you re-apply should you be unsuccessful at first. If you legally have a right to that help and the state is not giving it to you, an expert lawyer can help you fight for that.



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