Top Causes for Divorce Following the Holidays

While those who choose to divorce during the holidays may be debating their choice, they are not the only ones. During the holidays, it is typical to consider the future of your marriage when it is having trouble. At specific periods of the year, such as just after the holidays or just before back-to-school season, Boston divorce lawyer frequently observe an increase in filings.

So why do individuals choose to divorce following the holidays? Although every person’s circumstance is unique, the following are some typical causes:

  • Being optimistic

Some parents wish to provide their children with a happy Christmas experience. Nobody wants their children to experience the strain of a looming divorce over the holiday season.

Nobody wants their children to experience the stress of a looming divorce over the holiday season.

  • The additional stress

Everyone is aware of how stressful the holidays can be for families. Buying the ideal present for your children or spouse, spending quality time with distant family, grieving a loss, or being reminded of death all create additional financial stress.

  • Tax-related

If you decide to be divorced before January 1st, let us say on December 30th, you will have to pay a fine for filing separately.

  • Post – and pre-nuptial motives

Many prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements contain 3-, 5-, or 10-year commitments. Thus, many people choose to get divorced shortly before the new year in order to prevent their alimony from increasing.

  • Resolves

Since the new year is seen as a new beginning and a time for goals, some people choose to “hold out” till then to see whether there is any possibility of saving the relationship. At the start of each new year, people tend to truly take charge of their life, which may involve divorcing their marriage.

  • Divorce is expensive

The season may already be financially draining with presents, travel fees, a tree, food prices, and other holiday expenses. Divorce may only increase the list of holiday expenditures; between legal and legal support costs, filing and service fees, and new housing costs

  • Overburdening your kids

You could be giving your kids a pointless anniversary. Nobody wants to link the holiday season with the strain and suffering from a divorce. If you divorce around this time, you run the danger of doing that.

  • Alcohol

Because the holidays are stressful, alcoholism can occasionally arise because people turn to the bottle for some liquid solace. Alcohol abusers risk being noisy or embarrassing their partners while having fun.

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