Lawyer In Social Law: What Is His Role?

The lawyer is the only one qualified and authorized to be consulted legally, to draft acts, to be able to practice law and plead before a criminal court, and then logically, therefore, the only one to have the possibility of demanding to be remunerated by these jobs. The lawyer’s field of expertise is, therefore, generalized in law, and he is supposed to have the knowledge and skills required but, above all, also in the other divisions of law, to be versatile and to have his specialty as a lawyer in social law, or in criminal law, family law, real estate law, social security law, and labor law. But for more information, it is necessary to look particularly at the role of a lawyer in social law.

What Is Social Law?

One of the most used means is to contact a social security lawyer los angeles for example online to protect your rights. But in which case to refer to a lawyer in social law? We must already know what social law is. The social law definition is normally the set of labor and social security laws and everything that concerns them directly or indirectly. This means, first of all, all the rights that govern the work of hiring with the signing of the employment contract, until the termination of the contract and even after, but everything that concerns the relationship between employer and employee and possible disputes. Then, in the context of social security, which means, which concerns job security about events affecting a person via his rights and thanks to the social action of the State, such as health, maternity, family expenses, accidents, and risks at work,

What Are The Missions Of The Lawyer In Social Law?

Once social law is understood, the mission of the social law lawyer like Kenton Koszdin Law Office for example will be easy to understand. So, a social law lawyer’s role is to represent his client before the court if the case arises, but before that, to advise his client legally with the protection of the client and his interests using his rights but applying the law, like any lawyer in any field. But especially the lawyer in social law, whether in private or public law, covers the field of labor law: Leave, rest, working hours, and what is stipulated in the contract, but outside, other rights such as strikes, collective agreements, and industrial action.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

  • I want daily support for all questions relating to
  • human resources: salaries, bonuses, paid holidays, application of the collective agreement, etc.
  • I wish to terminate a contractual relationship under the best conditions
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