Common Tactics Adopted By Insurance Companies In Accident Claims

Insurance companies are infamous for offering quick and lowball settlements. Most people who have been wrongfully injured due to another person’s negligence depend on insurance compensation to recover the loss they suddenly incurred. Such hasty payments tend to create provisions for future disputes and financial loss. After all, an insurance company is but a profitable organization. Therefore, they work in their best interest and offer less than they deserve to ensure their profit margin. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the injured to hire an attorney who would negotiate well with the insurance provider and secure a fair amount of compensation, considering the severity of the case. If one is looking for the best attorney, learn more here.

But along with hiring an experienced attorney, one should be knowledgeable about the various tactics adopted by insurance companies. Some of the most common tactics are mentioned below:

Persuading The Injured To Accept A Quick Settlement:

Insurance companies most common tactic is offering a quick settlement immediately after the accident, which seems quite fair. These are done within a couple of days when the severity of the injury can’t be assumed. Most people fall into this trap and make the mistake of accepting the settlement only to realize later that the amount is much less than that one deserves. But when one realizes this, it becomes too late, and there needs to be a provision for rectification. As a result, all the financial burdens are imposed on the injured.

Making The Injured Sign An Authorization To Acquire The Medical Records:

The medical records are strong evidence in justifying the nature and severity of the injury. To meet this end, the insurance companies are likely to ask the injured to sign an authorization where they can get hold of all the medical records of the wounded. The problem involved is that the insurance provider might use any medical records irrelevant to the case and manoeuvre them for future justification in case of a lowball settlement. Therefore if one finds that the insurance provider is constantly persuading one to sign an approval, one should contact an attorney as early as possible.

Pressurizing One To Provide A Recorded Or Written Statement: 

One needs to be extremely careful if the insurance company says that the statement of the injured must be recorded or written. Moreover, one must remember that anything the injured say can be used against them in future by the insurance company. Therefore before discussing any matter with them, consult a lawyer.

Final Thoughts:

Moreover, if one is severely injured, then dealing with an insurance company personally will not be possible. In such cases, an attorney will take care of everything from negotiating with the insurance company to following up on all the legal proceedings.

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