Aircraft Repossession: What You Need To Know

General Aviation – Elko Regional Airport offers aircraft rental, fueling, maintenance, fixed-based operations (FBO), flight education, and charter services. Also, you should get some legal permissions in case of an airplane repo attorney in Elko, NV. Get to know more about this in the article below.

What is aircraft repossession?

Repossession is a type of action by a creditor. This is a process in which creditors can obtain possession of your vehicle (on loan or credit), in this case, an aircraft, if you are unable to make payments or your payments are overdue. Repossession can happen quickly without warning. The creditor must pay for this service, which will be done by court order if necessary.

Types of repossessions:

There are several types of repossessions, each with its specific legal process. You can choose to do one of the following:

  • Friendly repo is when a creditor agrees to return the aircraft and pay you back the money you have already paid. This repossession does not require court action, but it is still considered a legal process because it takes place through negotiations between both parties.
  • Court-ordered repo is when an aircraft owner has defaulted on payments on their loan agreement with their lender(s). In this case, they would need to pay off all outstanding debts before reclaiming their aircraft (and probably incur additional fees).

There are many options for getting your aircraft back from the lender.

  • The creditor will usually want proof of ownership and possession of the aircraft. Still, in most cases, they will only go through legal proceedings if there are other issues involved with ownership or lien on a piece of property.
  • The best way to get your airplane back is by negotiating with them, filing a small claims court lawsuit against them, and requesting that they freeze assets until all payments have been made in full (or at least up to date). In some cases where an individual has been leasing out their planes without paying rent on time or maintaining them properly, they may be able to negotiate an agreement with creditors whereby they will relinquish possession of the aircraft while still keeping ownership rights intact so long as monthly payments continue being made regularly throughout this period; however, this could take months before anything gets resolved due largely because these types of negotiations require patience from both parties involved – which does not always come easily!
  • You can negotiate with a creditor to sell your aircraft back to them and receive some money in addition to the amount they are owed.
  • If you want to get rid of your aircraft, you must wait to pay off the debt until there is no chance of receiving payment. This will allow time for negotiation between yourself and the creditor and ensure that all parties benefit from any agreement reached.
  • If you still owe money on the plane but wish to keep it, you can sue the creditor in small claims court.
  • If you get a judgment against either the lender or the debtor, you can request that they freeze assets they own, like your plane or hangar space. This is called an order to seize and sell.


Airplane repo attorney in Elko, NV, is a complicated and stressful process. Working with an experienced attorney can make the whole situation much more manageable.

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