Why Hire A Traffic Lawyer?

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The traffic lawyer is both a specialist in road law and the Highway Code. His skills are, therefore, useful for all questions relating to disputes and infringements on the roads. So what is the point of using this category of a lawyer? 

A Rather Complex Law

Traffic law is mainly assimilated into the Highway Code and calls on several disciplines. It is an association between criminal, administrative, civil law, etc. The particularity of traffic law (but also its complexity) comes from the fact that for each case, it is necessary to consider the criminal and administrative aspects.

Violations of the Highway Code are likely to result in penalties such as losing points for your driving license, invalidation, or even withdrawal. These are all situations in which the intervention of a traffic lawyer is necessary.  

A Specialist Lawyer 

Due to the specifics of traffic law, you should understand that not all lawyers can help you when you are accused of:

  • speeding;
  • driving while intoxicated;
  • narcotic use.

For these cases, you need the assistance of a traffic law specialist. Indeed, thanks to his expertise, he can assess your situation quickly, study your case and find the best alternative to defend you. To put the odds on your side, you must call on a legal specialist who deals only with questions related to the Highway Code. 

The Missions Of A Lawyer Specialized In Traffic Law 

Unlike other specialties, the time limits for appeal or contestation in road traffic law are quite short. This is why acting quickly and seeking a specialist lawyer like a traffic ticket attorney phoenix for example is always necessary. 

The Protection Of The Driving License Of Its Customers

Justice is far from being lenient with violations of the Highway Code. On the contrary, they are subject to severe penalties. Thus, some people lose their licenses while others go to prison for breaches of this code. The lawyer’s role is to assist his client when involved in minor and major crimes. Given the scale that the sanctions can take, the specialist must also inform his client of the risks he runs, his possibilities of recourse, etc. 

Assistance In Criminal Proceedings 

The criminal procedure in traffic law requires the support of an expert during the various stages. The mission of the road traffic lawyer is to provide sound advice to his client and to represent him before all the different jurisdictions. 

Obtaining Compensation 

The traffic lawyer in The Law Offices of Brandon White for example is not only entitled to defend his client’s interests when the latter is at fault. If you have been the victim of a road accident, you can call on this specialist to obtain repairs in your favor.

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