When to Hire a Criminal Lawyer? 

When we need to hire a professional in the criminal area, we often do not know how to proceed. Finding the right Criminal Lawyer to meet pressing needs can be quite tricky. After all, a person’s freedom is at stake. Let’s answer some questions here to help with this mission.

When To Hire A Criminal Lawyer?

  • Whenever you have a criminal legal issue, initially schedule an appointment with a specialist.
  • In the police phase, this is the ideal time to hire, as the defense will start to be done from the first moment with a greater chance of success. Being guided by a criminal lawyer as soon as you are called to state a police station can be the difference between prison and freedom.
  • At any stage of the process, pay attention to the deadlines for presenting the defense at each stage.
  • During the process, the specialist Lawyer issues an opinion on a specific matter.
  • At the Jury stage, finding a defense specialist in the Plenary.
  • In the appeals phase, it is very important to appeal, with a chance of reforming the sentence or annulment of the process.
  • In the Criminal Execution phase, monitor the sentence’s progress, regime progression, parole, etc.
  • After the end of the process, with a final and unappealable sentence, when we have the possibility of carrying out a Criminal Review, being able to obtain the reform of the sentence or annulment of the process, and even a fair compensation for the judicial error.
  • When there is a need for specialized Legal Advice, indicated for fellow lawyers and companies. Learn about Misdemeanor vs. a Felony

How to Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

  • First of all, because of your specialty. If I need a lawyer in the criminal area, I should hire a lawyer who specializes in the criminal area.
  • By indicating other lawyers with whom you have contact or clients of the lawyer in question.
  • By searching the internet, analyzing and checking the information found: location, contact, length of service, specialty, behavior, etc.
  • Scheduling an appointment, so you get to know the lawyer like those in law offices of brandon white for example, his personality, his working method, his team, his opinion, and his strategy to follow up on your specific case. At that moment, both parties will be able to feel whether they will be comfortable and confident with the attorney-client relationship.
  • The consultation is extremely important and invaluable so that the lawyer knows the details of the case and correctly instructs the consultant on how to proceed, bringing him more peace of mind and establishing the value of the fees for the defense and the method of payment.
  • Remember: each case is different, with its particularities and peculiarities.
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