Professional Pest Control: 4 Different Types

Pests are uninvited guests in your homes, farms, fields; you name it. It is a problem that you will have to deal with at a certain period of your life. Pests like bugs, mice, termites, ants, spiders, etc., will keep assaulting your property in search of food and comfort. As the world is stepping towards a modern era, pest control services are finding different ways of eliminating and barring pests from their premises. There have been a lot of methods that are adopted to eliminate the pest, four of which are discussed as follows:

Chemical Pest Control

In this technique, the professionals use harsh chemicals to kill the pests. It is the most efficient kind of pest control technique and hence most relied upon. One of the best chemical pest control techniques is space fumigation. It is very useful for serious infestation. With fermented and botanical chemicals, the organic chemical can also be used for pest control. 

Biological Pest Control

It is a way of pest control where living things are introduced to kill and control pest infestation. The living things that are brought into action are plant diseases, parasites, predators, etc. For example, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc., are brought into the farms and trained to keep away reptiles, rodents, etc. 

Physical Pest Control

These are unlike the biological or chemical pest control techniques. They are usually nets, plastic sheets, etc., that keep certain types of pests away. Nets in the doors and windows of a house can keep away flies and mosquitoes. Wrapping food with a plastic sheet will keep ants and cockroaches away. 

Electrical Pest Control

Various kinds of electronic devices are introduced to keep pests away, like the mosquito repellent machines that evaporated the mosquito repellent oil and kill them. Then there are high-frequency ultrasonic devices that keep the vermins away by emitting high-frequency ultrasonic sounds. 


These intruders can make you suffer a lot more than you can imagine. In the rural areas, the rodents eat all the crops, and the farmers suffer for the whole year. In the urban areas too, they do not leave human beings alone. They will not miss any chance of entering the house and staying there multiplying generations after generations. You can use DIYs and maintain the cleanliness of your house to keep them away. But for severe infestations, professional help is your best option. 

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