Key Things You Need To Share with Your Product Liability Lawyer

If you want your product liability lawyer to prosecute the individual or company that created the product that caused you harm, you need to tell the whole truth about your case. Your product liability lawyer cannot properly represent you if they do not know the entire truth.

Moreover, withholding information will only work to your disadvantage because your lawyer will not be able to prepare the best possible representation. Below, we outline key things you need to share with your product liability lawyer for the best outcome.      

Your Use of the Product: Was It Right or Wrong?

It would be best if you were honest with your product liability lawyers about whether or not you used the product as intended. If you used the product as intended and still suffered an injury, your chances of succeeding on the claim are high.

Contrarily, if you did not use the product as intended, it may be extremely difficult to win the case. Either way, be honest about how you used the product, as this will help your lawyer determine the appropriate steps. 

All Relevant Documents

Proving damages is an important aspect of product liability cases. You will need to prove that you suffered an injury after using a defective product. You may need to share relevant documents with your product liability lawyers, such as:

  • Doctor’s notes;
  • Medical records;
  • Prescription costs;
  • Insurance information; and
  • Proof that you purchased the product, like a credit card statement or a receipt. 

The Effects of the Injury on Your Life

You will need to show your product liability lawyers how the injury has affected your life. For example, are you struggling to pay your monthly bills because you spent all your money on medical treatments due to your injury? Did you lose your job or future earning capacity

Be honest about the effects of the injury on your life. If the injury affected your life, you may be able to recover damages. If it did not, you might not be able to collect damages. 

Withholding information from your product liability lawyers is a recipe for disaster. When you share information with your lawyer, you do so in private, and your lawyer cannot use that information against you. 

Moreover, if you want your lawyer to prepare the best representation possible, you must be upfront and honest. Holding back information from your lawyer is never a practice rich in wisdom. Tell the whole truth and increase your chances of upholding your product liability claim. 

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