Are you stuck with a Lemon? 6 Signs You Qualify for Protection

So you bought a new car. You are all excited to cruise around in style. But you find yourself making periodic trips to the repairperson instead. As a result, your dream trip quickly turns into a frustrating worry.

This means you are stuck with a lemon. But what exactly is it? Also, how do you know if you qualify for protection under Lemon Law in Tennessee? Do not worry. We have got you covered. In this blog, let us look at some signs that indicate your car might qualify in the criteria.

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1) Many Repair Attempts for the Same Issue

Lemon Laws are made to protect consumers from vehicles with recurring issues regarding their safety and usage. Your car might qualify as a lemon if it has been to the showroom many times for the same issue.

 2) The Repairs Take an Excessively Long Time

Imagine your car being in the shop for weeks. This can leave you stranded without reliable transportation. Many Lemon Laws consider the vehicle to be defective if it is out of service for a very long period due to repairs. This can allow your Lemon Law lawyers in Tennessee to fight for compensation.

 3) The Problem Reduces the Car’s Value or Use

Lemon Law in Tennessee has mileage or time limitations. A new car is covered. However, some state’s Lemon Laws also protect vehicles that are under two years old or with less than a certain number of miles.

 4) The Dealership Can Not Fix the Problem

You brought your car in for repairs, hoping for a solution. However, the dealership cannot fix the issue even after multiple attempts. This can be a sign that your vehicle qualifies for Lemon Law protection.

 5) The Problem Affects Safety

Certain issues go beyond simple inconveniences. They pose security risks. Your car could be considered a lemon if it faces constant issues with the brakes and other critical aspects.

 6) The Vehicle Does Not Match the Warranty

Your car might qualify as a lemon if it is not performing as promised under warranty. This could involve issues with features or fuel efficiency that cannot be resolved despite repairs.

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Create Tangible Evidence

The more proof you have, the stronger your case. You need to keep all repair records and service invoices. You can also preserve your communication details with the dealership and any documentation related to the problems your car is experiencing. This will be important evidence for your Lemon Law attorney in Tennessee to represent you.

 Consulting A Professional

Lemon Laws can vary by state. It is important to consult with Lemon Law lawyers in Tennessee if you are facing these problems. They can analyze your situation and decide if you qualify for protection under your state’s criteria.

 To wrap up

These were some of the signs that indicate your car might qualify for protection. Repeated repairs and long out of service can highlight your car as defective. In such cases, you need to keep all the documentation and records safe. This can allow your Lemon Law attorney in Tennessee to build a strong case and represent you in court.

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