Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Medical Injury – Seek Immediate Legal Help

Pedestrian Safety Issues

In popular cities where cars are frequently on the road, pedestrian safety is very hard to maintain. For those who do not know, a pedestrian is defined as a person walking or running along a road or developed area. Most times, pedestrians may feel that their safety is at risk when people drive recklessly on the road or are too distracted to pay attention to pedestrians. A driver accidently striking a pedestrian is not an uncommon occurrence. It actually takes place quite frequently and causes severe damage to the victim. If you are in southern California the golden state then you can click here for a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer and accident attorney to help with your case.

The Figures Prove It Too

It is extremely imperative to know that startling facts about pedestrian injuries and deaths caused by vehicle accidents. Once you familiarize yourself with the dangers you can practice safer driving practices and awareness while walking. Important facts regarding these types of accidents include the following:

  • According to the United States Department of Transportation, 4,280 pedestrians were killed, while an estimated 70,000 were injured in traffic accidents in the year 2010 alone.
  • Each year worldwide, about two-thirds of the 1.2 million people killed in traffic accidents are pedestrians.
  • Thousands of hit and run accidents involving pedestrians occur every year.

Pedestrian, cyclist and motorcycle accidents are more likely to involve serious injuries or fatalities, as are truck accidents. Regardless of the type of auto accident in which your loved one was involved, you will benefit from discussing your legal rights and options with a skilled professional. You will have a limited time to file a claim, and as such it is crucial that you act quickly. In addition to helping with any insurance claim, a lawyer can help you in filing a lawsuit against the person who was speeding, driving drunk or otherwise acting negligently or wrongfully and caused your accident.

Traffic Accidents Involving Pedestrians Lead to Serious Injuries

Depending on the force of impact and the size of the vehicle, a pedestrian can be seriously injured when struck by the vehicle. Because pedestrians have little protection, a car can cause injuries leading to death. Many pedestrians have died each year due to traffic accidents striking them, and even more are left injured. Here in California this is a big issue.

If you or someone you know has recently been injured by a vehicle, you should contact a personal injury attorney. You may be seriously injured and should seek medical attention. Many wounds are unseen to the eye, including internal bleeding and shock. If the accident left you psychological damage, causing anxiety and distress, you should seek a personal injury attorney. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to gain monetary retribution for any pain or suffering caused by the driver. A personal injury lawsuit can help you compensate for any damages caused by the accident.

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