5 Signs You’re A Lawyer

Whether in series, books, or real life, the law is a career desired by most law students. Between ourselves: with so many examples of successful lawyers in fiction and everyday life, it’s really hard not to want to follow this profession, do you agree? But as in all areas, some characteristics are essential for professional performance. So, it’s time to find out if you have a lawyer profile. Follow up!

Where Can A Lawyer Work?

The first thing you must remember is that law school opens the door to a universe of possibilities. Believe me: by graduating; it is possible to pursue a legal career or enter the world of law, which brings a range of different actions, being able to defend the interests of people, institutions, or companies. 

In addition, there are several specializations within the law. This means that, as much as the Law course is the most sought after by entrance exam students, the job market has enough space for recent graduates. Want to know some of these areas? Check out the top five below!

Labor Law

The lawyer such as kenton koszdin for instance who chooses this area, which is one of the strongest in some countries, is the one who will represent employees or companies when there are conflicts between the two parties, such as dismissal processes and union issues. In the scenario of economic crisis, this is a career that is highlighted, and the professional in this sector is increasingly sought after.

Public Advocacy

This is a good option if you are considering becoming a lawyer who advises couples in return to work supplement but want a public office! In this segment of law, professionals are selected through competitions and can represent municipal, state, and federal institutions, as well as people who cannot afford the costs of legal proceedings.

Social Security Law

The lawyer who works in the social security sector is the one who helps people in the search for rights related to social security, such as sick pay, and pensions, among other charges. In addition to being a broad area, it is possible to provide consulting services to companies interested in these matters.

Civil Right

This is the largest area of ​​law in Brazil. In it, lawyers act as representatives of citizens in family matters and individual interests in various situations, such as divorces and possession of assets. Therefore, Civil Law has ramifications and is the ideal sector for those looking for an area that continues to grow.

Business Law

Whether to advise small and medium-sized companies or to defend entrepreneurs in their commercial interests: the business lawyer is essential for organizations to remain in operation. So, if you’ve always wanted to participate in meetings with entrepreneurs and work on patent processes and trademark registrations, among other functions, this area is for you.

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